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My projects

Password Protected Internet Plug II - PIC 16F877 CPU

DTMF Remote Control - Pic16F877 CPU

Dual Thermometer - PIC 16F876 CPU

PIC - In Circuit Debugger

PIC 16F876 Utility Routines

Circuit Cellar Contest Entries

The Internet Plug - Motorola 908QT4 CPU

Sleep'O'Meter - Motorola E-fielad Sensor

Delta Vocoder - Zilog Z8Encore CPU

GPS Display - Hitachi H8-3687 CPU

Atmel DTMF Dialer - Atmel CPU

Secure Web Server - eZ80 CPU

Hi-Fi Preamp with Zigbee Remote- Motorola Chipset

 The Internet Plug
Delta Vocoder
GPS Display

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